Maintenance of air-conditioners

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Setting the temperature on your AC is very critical. Setting your AC temperature too low can damage your compressor and cost you in unnecessary repairs. Switching your unit on and off costs more than leaving the unit running full time. If you set your temperature to a comfortable range between 22 – 25 degrees Celcius, you will save energy and reduce the maintenance costs on your unit. Leave your AC running all the time but on a warmer temperature and preferably on AUTO FAN mode if you have it and you will use less energy and always have a comfortable temperature in your home. Ensure that your windows and doors are properly sealed to prevent energy loss.

It is imperative that your AC units are serviced at least once a year. Even when your AC is under warranty, it will need to be maintained otherwise you may lose the warranty. Cleaning of condenser coils is vital for the unit to maintain efficiency and reduce the risk of compressor failures. A system that is running short of gas will also result in the compressor failing. Just like your car, anything that has moving parts should be inspected and serviced on a regular basis.

It is important to keep the filters clean at all times. Normally, this can be done by the owner but in some cases, it would be required to have a qualified technician come round and remove them from hard to reach units inside ceiling voids. Cleaning of filters should be done at least every 3 months. Blocked filters will result in damage to compressors and high energy consumption. Blocked filters can also collapse resulting in dust leaking through and blocking the coil.

Dirty and blocked drains and drip pans can result in water overflowing from the drain and damaging ceilings or furniture. We recommend that drains are cleaned frequently and dilution tablets are installed to reduce the risk of blockage.

Always use a certified company to maintain your systems.

Never try to open electrical panels etc. on your own.

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