General Managers' Message

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Change to a futuristic strategy will always be met with a certain degree of resistance. We will remain steadfast in taking up the challenge to increase the experience of our team members, as well as improve communication with, and raise awareness to all communities with which we work. We aim to do this through targeted training, information and exposure techniques. Naturally, challenges of any type will be met and addressed with a positive approach and fair interaction with all concerned.

If you show people the problems and you show people the solutions they will be moved to act.” Bill Gates

Kevin Brennan

General Manager
Dubai Sports City

Our Challenges

At DSC Facilities Services (DSC FS), we endeavour to provide a premium service to our clientele that is both cost effective and quality driven, considering at all times the environment, energy conservation and longevity of the equipment that is entrusted to us to maintain. Our integrated service approach provides you with complete facilities management solutions, allowing you to focus on core business operations. Trust us to keep you safe in the knowledge that all of your property and facilities’ infrastructure- including core service lines, from take over snagging to day to day services such as cleaning, maintenance, and more are expertly delivered.



To establish and maintain long term working relationships with the owners, tenants, and visitors of our client properties.

GOAL  2:

To develop and constantly improve on an Integrated Management System (IMS) system that provides a solid base for the delivery of an efficient service, through the best practice policies and procedures.

GOAL  3:

To recruit and retain a diverse team of highly skilled, experienced, and qualified technical staff, and to constantly improve their skill sets through ongoing training programs.

GOAL  4:

To create and maintain a work environment that reflects our expectation of excellence, and encourages interaction amongst the diverse communities which we service.


To encourage respect for property, for people, and most importantly for the environment.

GOAL  6:

To allocate resources on the basis of the right person for the right job and to instil a sense of ownership and accountability for each task performed. To frequently evaluate performance through a robust Key Performance Indicator (KPI) regime, and to develop employees and systems to their maximum potential accordingly.

GOAL  7:

To develop strategic alliances with businesses, suppliers, service providers, and the greater community to best position DSC FS as a preferred supplier.