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Specialised Services

Condition Surveys, inspections and handover

Our expertise in inspection services provides you with the peace of mind that once the property is ready for occupation, it will be delivered in the best possible condition. Our engineers can identify and advise on mitigating the potential risks associated with property ownership. This insight could well avoid any considerable future costs by making sure all defects are rectified before you receive the final handover.

You will receive a detailed report highlighting the defects and areas of inferior workmanship that should be rectified by the contractor or developer before the handover of the property.

Fire fighting system maintenance

Ensure all fire protection and life safety systems protecting leased facilities receive the required inspections, operational tests, and preventative maintenance in accordance with government regulations.

All fire protection/life safety systems and equipment shall be inspected, tested, and maintained in accordance with the requirements.

Water tank cleaning and sterilization system

Water systems have to be kept clean to reduce the nutrients available for bacteria growth. Regular visual inspections should be made at least every month to avoid the build-up of dirt, organic matter, or other debris.

Domestic, Commercial, and Industrial water systems are fed from dedicated water storage tanks that in turn are fed from local water supply systems. All water tanks and the associated pipelines must be regularly inspected, maintained, cleaned, and disinfected in line with local and international standards.

Electronic gates and barriers

The most important requirement for automatic access systems is to keep them operational around the clock. We offer you technical expertise for all kinds of automatic security systems, from sliding and electric gates, barriers, rising bollards to turnstiles, with 24/7 support.

Elevators maintenance

An elevator is an extremely complex system with hundreds of parts that must be maintained. One function of maintenance is ensuring continued operation by preventing excessive wear and breakdown.

In systems as complex as modern elevator systems, a more important aspect of maintenance is to ensure that the equipment continues to perform as it was originally designed. This can be accomplished only by qualified, trained technicians using the correct equipment and tools.