24 Hours Requests logging and response

DSCFS call centre is open from 8.30am to midnight, Saturday to Thursday. For emergency calls after-hours and Public Holidays, your call will be automatically diverted to our standby call centre operator to respond to your requirements.

Unlimited Call Out

Response to all calls is free of charge for contracted related breakdowns. Materials used will be charged. If materials are available with the standby technicians we can make a final fix immediately based on approval by Client.

Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) of all Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing services

On signing an Annual Maintenance Contract the client will be provided with a schedule for one year of the activities on the premises related to all Planned Maintenance. This schedule will be for the technicians to visit the villa periodically to carry out preventive maintenance to the mechanical equipment such as Air Conditioning, Electrical switch panels, Pumps, drainage systems etc. A PPM check sheet containing all activities will be filled in while the technician is carrying out the work and the Client will be requested to sign this sheet as acknowledgement that the tasks have taken place.

Annual cleaning and sterilization of water tanks including laboratory test report

Water tank cleaning and disinfection, as per DM Regulations and Microbiological Test Certificate from a DM approved laboratory.

We shall provide full pictorial details of each cleaning carried out i.e. pre-cleaning and post-cleaning and a Water Tank Cleaning Certificate will be issued. Any irregularities will be reported to the Client.


All consumables are covered under the maintenance contract and are free of cost. Consumables include oil, grease and cleaning chemicals. Refrigerant and lamps are not considered as consumable.

Pest Control by DM approved Contractor using DM approved chemicals (General)
  • Detailed control of pests 
  • Quarterly treatment with free follow up treatment if required - It is imperative that the pest control both for internal and external are on the same day to prevent migration of pest to untreated areas.
  • The guarantee for follow up treatment does not cover flying insects (mosquitoes and midges).
  • Termite and Bed Bug treatment, and controlling of birds is excluded but can be performed subject to separate quotation approval.
  • Non-poisonous traps, mechanical traps and rodent bait stations can be supplied but will be subject to separate quotation approval.

Treatment Methods:

DSCFS adopted method is based on the IPM (Integrated Pest Management) system which is a highly advanced and superior method of Pest Management recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO).

A long lasting residual insecticide spray will be used for treatment which will control various species of public health pests. Insecticide gel bait will be applied in sensitive areas where use of other conventional insecticide formulation is restricted.

Technical Specifications:

DSCFS adopted methods also include the use of State of the Art environmentally friendly chemicals and methods which are approved by the Dubai Municipality Pest Control Section. We have adopted the safest possible methods to ensure the safety of our clients, staff and most importantly the Environment.

Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) will be made available for all chemicals used. 


Cleaning of external windows (Monthly)

Cleaning of all external window frames and glass and balcony doors and compound gate / grills.





Cleaning of outside paved yards (within the villa compound - Quarterly)

Cleaning of all paved interlocked or tiled walkways around the villa – sweeping and washing the entire walkway area.

Cleaning and Servicing of all internal and external lights (Bi-annually)
  • Clean internal light fittings
  • Clean light switches, power points and skirting boards, doors and frames
  • Cleaning of chandeliers is excluded
Facade Washing (Annually)

External villa from top to bottom walls façade washing with use of 120 bar high pressure jet machine.
Façade washing includes walls surrounding the villa, garage and internal boundary walls.

DSC FS does not accept responsibility for the security of paint or any other wall coverings/treatments

Internal Property Cleaning (Annually)
  • Cleaning of the property – internal – including dusting, vacuuming and wet mopping of all floor areas
  • Scrubbing and buffing of all tiled areas
  • Cleaning of all rooms – including living room, bedrooms, common areas, cupboards, window frames and glasses, all doors and fittings, electrical switches and sockets 
  • Cleaning of toilets / washrooms 
  • Cleaning of kitchen cabinets, equipment
  • Cleaning of stair case, hand rails, balcony floor, safety rails, etc.
  • Carpet vacuuming
Cleaning of air-conditioning and exhaust diffusers / grilles (Annually)
  • AC air diffusers and grilles will be cleaned
Cleaning of kitchen (Annually)
  • Cleaning of all kitchen equipment, stoves etc. using food grade kitchen chemicals
  • Cleaning of all kitchen cabinets and fittings, kitchen sink and faucets
  • Cleaning of the kitchen floor; scrubbing and buffing as required