Who Are We


DSC FS is an integrated service provider which offers technical solutions to our clientele with the objective of enhancing the efficiency and extending the life cycle of the assets within the developments and properties that we maintain.

A fully considered and well planned FM strategy is an essential element in underpinning the overall future investment in the Built Environment and the Facilities Services that support it.
Planning for the future of DSC FS will encompass meeting the needs of the clients and end users. DSC FS is committed to providing quality, diversity and sustainability in maintaining a qualitative life style support to the end user.

DSC FS has a responsibility to develop and maintain the built environment and facilities services to sustain the positive perceptions of the client and end users, internal and external.
Health, Safety and Environment is a priority in Facilities Management and DSC FS have systems in line with International standards (COHASA) to ensure that the strictest measures are in place. Work permits, risk assessments and method statements are required for all activities.

Aims and Objectives

  • To ensure that our clients’ estate infrastructure is maintained to the highest standard, which is fit for purpose and able to support them in delivering their key goals and objectives
  • To support the client’s aim to embed sustainability principles within all current and future improvements and enhance the flexibility of the development and its FM services
  • To deliver high quality, best value, customer focused Facilities Services to our Clients, their Employees and Guests.

Performance Management
DSC FS manage the performance of our people in terms of ongoing training, performance monitoring, and maintaining best practice quality standards in all aspects of our work. In all these areas our processes are not only comprehensive, but continuously maintained to deliver superior performance at all times.

DSC FS primary objective of our Performance Management System is to achieve our Client’s mission, vision and strategy by delivering superior service and performance levels, optimizing customer satisfaction and employee retention and practicing effective financial management.

Our Performance Management System is based on the use of performance measurement information/data to effect positive change in our people, systems and processes. It focuses on setting up agreed upon performance goals, allocating and prioritizing resources, initiating improvement plans and communicating results.

It also serves as a toll for assessing, managing and improving the overall success of our business. It measures quality, cost, speed, customer service, employment alignment, skill levels and motivation to provide in-depth, predictive performance management data

 Measuring Performance and Promoting Continuous Improvement
At DSC FS we use a well-known world class performance measuring tool called the Balanced Scorecard. This supports both financial and non-financial measurement against pre-defined KPI’s for staff and sub-contractors across all levels of the organization.

As DSC FS have a huge portfolio covering many aspects of Facilities Management, we will use Sub-contractors for ie; “Specialized Services”. Specialized services include Fire Fighting equipment and alarms, Pest Control, Landscaping, Water Tank cleaning and Security etc.

For all of these services DSC FS have established relationships with high quality Service Providers and all are signed up under contract. These contracts are linked to DSC FS KPI system which is monitored by our In-house performance management team.

Customer Service Centre
DSC FS have a fully functional Call centre to provide around the clock response to calls. Our Helpdesk utilizes a Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) system which manages, records, assigns and closes all requests made to the Helpdesk. The use of the CAFM system is an integral part of successfully coordinating large amounts of calls to ensure the follow through to closure of every request. The CAFM system will generate automatically all PPM work orders on time, every time to ensure that the scheduled works are carried out. Once the work orders are completed, the information is captured onto the CAFM system and any Predictive jobs will automatically be transferred to a work order for action.

Energy Management and Sustainability
DSC FS will conduct regular surveys and audits on energy consumption and management on all facilities to ensure that the best practices are being exercised at all times to conserve energy and natural resources.

Quality Management
DSC FS Technical Quality Audit Programme is a comprehensive and continuous monitoring process. It forms part of the overall quality system established by DSC FS Management.

The Quality Audit Program aims to ensure that services requirements established for our clients facilities are maintained and continuously improved. DSC FS are certified by Bureau Veritas for ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 14001-2004 for compliance to the internationally recognized Quality Management criteria.

At DSC FS it imperative that we develop our staff and constantly improve the skill levels. To this end, we have regular training classes held at our training centre in the DSC FS office building.

We encourage our sub-contractors to attend the training sessions to improve on their standard of service delivery enhancing our overall performance.

Attached is a sample of the training schedule which is prepared on a monthly basis and includes subject matter that has been identified during the month as a requirement.

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)
Our focus for Health and Safety (H&S) is the responsibility of every employee, supplier and contractor; this shall assist in eliminating hazards, impacts and risks. All operations shall comply with relevant statutory requirements and all employees, suppliers and contractors shall at all times adhere to the related responsibilities, procedures, and measures which are clearly laid out in the H&S manual and relevant project plans.

DSC FS have a dedicated HSE Manager to ensure the operations team perform within the Local Authority regulations. His responsibilities include but not limited to identify hazards and risk arising from day to day activities after carrying out inspections of the work places, preparing risk assessments for all the activities and then communicating them to the relevant people and ensure that no work is commenced without obtaining necessary work permits.

Our policy incorporates the following

  • Implementation of a framework for establishing H&S objectives
  • Implementation of an Injury, Illness and damage or loss prevention program
  • Compliance with all statutory and legal requirements
  • Compliance with national and international standards
  • Committed to the security and well-being of all occupants, employees, visitors and customer representatives

The policy of DSC FS is to have a regard for the work environment and its most important asset ‘our people’ and in so doing we shall strive towards a zero tolerance culture. Further to this we shall at all times have a sense of being the customers’ first choice by satisfactorily meeting the expressed and inferred expectations and requirements of our customers in relation to H&S.